Who is Oumar ‘Reug Reug’ Kane and What is Senegalese Wrestling?

Michael Hassani
Jan 26, 2021

The ONE Championship debut of Senegal’s Undefeated Heavyweight  Wrestling Champion Oumar “Reug Reug” Kane is set to take place on Friday, January 29th’s event, "Unbreakable II". 

After delivering a spectacular TKO is his professional debut against Sofiane Boukichou (6-3) at ARES FC 1 (Available on UFC’s Fight Pass), The Pride of Senegal, Kane (1-0) is set to take on Alain “The Panther” Ngalani (4-5), a devastating and dynamic striker in his own right.

The clash of heavyweights is set to provide an explosive confrontation that will likely end by knockout. “Reug Reug” will have to get by Hong Kong’s dangerously explosive Ngalani in order to showcase the rise of African MMA on the world stage. 

The rise of Mixed Martial Arts talent coming from the West African Nation is owed to the legacy of Senegalese Wrestling. Its history rooted in tradition and war preparation, Senegal’s style of traditional wrestling may serve as a strong base for MMA.

Lutte Traditionnelle avec frappe (Tradition Wrestling with Hand Strikes) as it’s called, combines the traditional style and heritage of West African wrestling with boxing, essentially as a form of Shoot Fighting, giving the Senagalese wrestlers a solid foundation for developing well-rounded MMA skillsets. 

Combined with modern MMA training and meta, “Reug Reug” seems to know what it will take to become the Heavyweight Champion in ONE as he grows his Martial Arts background and evolves his MMA game by splitting his training time between Senegal and New York.

As he told SCMP MMA’s Nicholas Atkin about his goals “What I want to do is be the world champion and bring Senegal’s name in MMA where nobody ever thinks it would be,” and on his growth "I will bring so many things with quality, whether it is boxing or wrestling, we’ll bring all things…. I was training for MMA, so I will come and do whatever I trained from Senegal or from New York. I will do whatever to win."

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