How to get started playing Fantasy MMA

**Disclaimer: Fanatics Fantasy MMA is a free, fun, fantasy sports game. No money is involved.**

Join a Fight Predictions group

Create or join a group. Invite your friends. Make your fight picks. Watch the fights and climb the rankings.

Vs Vegas Scoring System

Look at the MMA gambling odds for each fighter as you make your picks. You score or lose points for each of your fight picks based on these Vegas closing odds. 

Minus (-) = favourite
Plus (+) = underdog

For example: Tony Ferguson (-155) vs Charles Oliveira (+135)

You pick Ferguson
- he wins = you win $100
- he loses = you lose $155

You pick Oliveira
- he wins = you win $135
- he loses = you lose $100

For selected fights you can optionally pick a method of victory for a “triple or nothing” gamble. Choose correctly and you win 3x the standard win, choose incorrectly and you lose even if the fighter you picked wins. You can still pick the winner without picking the method of victory.

Example: Dustin Poirier (+205) vs Conor McGregor (-260)

You pick McGregor by KO/TKO
- he wins by KO/TKO = You win $300
- he wins by DEC or SUB, or he loses = You lose $260

You pick McGregor (no specific method of victory)
- he wins (regardless of method) = You win $100
- he loses (regardless of method) = You lose $260

Other scoring system: MMA Record

Want a simpler scoring system? Optionally choose to use a simple Win-Loss-Draw leaderboard system, suitable for more casual fight fans.